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Sensorial activities for children

The sensorial activities allows the children to form new concepts through experience and exercise. Sensorial training should be carefully monitored so the children learn things one step at a time and at their own pace, gradually moving on to more complicated tasks. Where possible each sense is isolated to provide an intense learning experience. The […]

Childcare event in Rosemont College, Dublin

Hola! I bring to you the experience of our latest event babysitting services in Dublin This time we worked in Rosemount School in Sandyford, Dublin. We had a busy Sunday babysitting in an Event looking after 25 children mixed ages from babies up to 12 years old. Marta got in touch with us and she […]

Shapes and colors in early years

Color is one of the first ways the children makes distinctions among things they see; color words are some of the first words they use to describe these things. There is much more to the child’s understanding of color than “knowing the colors.” While it is important for them to know the names of the […]