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dublin childcare

Yoga for children

A few week ago Maria and myself decided to join for a Children´s yoga workshop called ” Mini me Yoga” We really liked it, Yoga is an amazing practise to help the children to develop their flexibility , concentration, imagination and breath correctly. Introducing simple asanas for children in a daily basis has a significant […]

babysiiting dublin

Summer Camp 2017, Skerries

Miriam one of the babysitter in my team had been working in a Summer Camp in Skerries and here she is sharing her wonderful experience! I think everyone had so much fun! This summer is been a fantastic summer for the kids who are taking part on the water sports camp. Kids from 5 to […]

Barnardos Big Toddle 2017

I am deligthed to share with you our experience with Big Toddle for Barnardos. This summer my childcare group was part of the fun! We sponsored by Toddlebox, Elisa Babysitting supported the event and we hope to inspire others to help the children. Barnardos contacted with me and sent me a packs with materials for […]

Balloons game for relaxation

What´s the game about? The game consists of teaching children a simple relaxation technique that if applied when they are nervous or tense will help them to control themselves and keep calm. It is a useful strategy for anyone, but it is especially effective in children who have difficulty controlling their impulses and in those […]