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Balloons game for relaxation

What´s the game about?

The game consists of teaching children a simple relaxation technique that if applied when they are nervous or tense will help them to control themselves and keep calm. It is a useful strategy for anyone, but it is especially effective in children who have difficulty controlling their impulses and in those who are very nervous. Through an entertaining game they will learn strategies to relax such a :

Learning to relax autonomously, know your body, compound your impulses, favor states of calm and relieve situations of nervousness.


We prepare the balloons and a large room. We all get tense and nervous at some point, it is important to control our tension before it controls us. Let’s see what happens when we get tense:

To teach this to the boys and girls, we take a balloon and we begin to breathe, while we explain that when we become nervous we accumulate tension in our interior just as the balloon accumulates air. We inflate the balloon until it explodes, and then we explain the following, if we let the tension fill our body like air in the balloon, in the end we will explode just like the balloon.

Now let’s see what happens if we learn to release that tension. We take a balloon again and we introduce air but before it explodes we release the air little by little.

Now let’s do it ourselves. Today we are all going to become balloons. To do this we place ourselves by the room in a comfortable place, we imagine that we are a balloon, of the color that we want and first we are going to fill of air soon to deflate and we follow the instructions:

First we will inflate, gradually inhale air, take air slowly, deeply and stretch our arms and legs, we are filled with air. Then we will deflate. Slowly we let the air out of our body, slowly. We notice how our arms and legs relax we notice how our face and our body relaxes.

Now that you have learned the technique it is important that you learn to use it when you feel that you are filling with air, so when we become tense we can control how we inflate and how we deflated.


Standing or sitting on the floor. Lying inhaled and exhaling, holding our knees with our hands. Lying stretching our body and contracting it in the fetal position on the left side and on the right side.

With these exercises and relaxation techniques for children what is tried is to seek a good breathing that can reassure or put a child in peace, as well as being able to make the muscles are not tense and rather relaxed.

Advantages of Inflating Balloons for Children

  1. Increased lung capacity: Inflating balloons children exercise their lungs by increasing the amount of air that fits in them. It is therefore an excellent lung exercise.
  2. Exercise the diaphragm: In addition to the lungs, inflating balloons also favors the work of the muscles that elevate the diaphragm and the rib cage.
  3. Exercise for the lips: Strengthens the muscles of the child’s lips through the repetition of balloon inflation.
  4. Improves speech: Improves vocalization and articulation of sounds, making it an ideal exercise for children who have dyslalia.
  5. Exercise against dyspnoea: By playing or exercising balloons ballooning also improves the dyspnea, the sensation of shortness of breath, which is associated with acute bronchitis


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