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wedding babysitting

Childcare services in Weddings

Last weekend Miriam babysit in a wedding celebrated at Fitzwilliam Place.

Such a lovely place and she had so much fun playing with 3 little girls, everyone was really nice al welcome Miriam so well.

Mirian brought princess tiaras and stickers books to play after de dinner, Mirian and they girls read some books and played games with music and a lot of colouring!

In Elisa Babysitting we love to work with children, we believe that the little ones need have to enjoy weddings and events in a special way for them.

For wedding babysitting we design activities for the children to have fun inside and also outside as many hotels have long green areas where the children enjoy so much.

Our services are available for wedding childcare, private babysitting services during the events and family celebrations.

We are very flexible and we can babysitting at the Hotels, restaurants, airbnb apartments and also at the private houses.

We had been working in so many weddings and we will be delighted to assist you in such a special day too!

Photos from our Wedding babysitting services at: 25,Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin


wedding childcare

wedding babysitting

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