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Family helper

Elisa Babysitting created a new, unique and exclusive service in Ireland to help you organize your children´s wardrobe/bedroom/playroom.


Do you need help to organize your children´s areas?

You probably know how annoying it is to spend your free time or weekend organizing your children´s clothes, toys, art & crafts materials around the house or even redecorating them, when you could instead spend quality time with them.

If you wish someone could do it for you, Elisa Babysitting will make it true! You will be relieved and amazed to see and enjoy the results!


Our “Tidy up” method

During the years I developed my own method of organizing and decorating children’s rooms/wardrobes. We use the most practical, clean and eye catching organization along some elements of an ancient technique called Feng shui. This practice helps enhancing the balance of positive energies.

You will not need to worry about the mess anymore!


Our services

  • Children´s wardrobe organization
  • Rooms/Playrooms layouts & decoration
  • Toys/Library organization


As this is a very individual and unique service, we have packages for your different needs, so feel free to contact us and book an appointment.


*Note: this service is completely different from babysitting services and the booking will have to be at different times.

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