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Pre-bookings services only it will be charge in advance by Bank transfers or PayPal.

  • 15€ per hour babysitting services.
  • If you book a babysitter in less than 24 hours, the fees will be 16€ per hour.
  • Parents will pay the taxi 15€ (fixed amount) to the babysitter to come back home.

20% will be apply to the total fees booking to cover arrangements, cancellations, transactions and part of the taxes, this percentage is not refundable, Other fees may be applied.

Wedding and Event´s Babysitting Services, please contact me by email with all the details to arrange the best deal for you as we work by children ratio.

30% will be apply to the total fees booking in weddings, events or special occasions,  to cover arrangements,cancellations, transactions and taxes fees, this percentage is not refundable.

We are professional childcare workers and we give to the families an excellent services all the times, you do not need to pay membership fees with Elisa Babysitting

Call us with the hours and details you need us and we will be there on time!


Whether you have friends with children staying or are just passing through and need a babysitter in Dublin for one night, we’re here to help.



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