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Music for children.

Music, and especially classical music, have always been granted many different types of benefits. Among other things, it is said to reduce stress, improve mood or even positively affects plants and animals. As well as all that, there are also many benefits for children, representing a great importance in their intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development.

The investigations that have referred to the effect of the music on the infantile brain, agree that this causes an activation of the zones involved in the spatio -temporal processing.

In the early years, children are absolute recipients of all kinds of stimuli and to feel the music so intensely, it can exert a very powerful and positive influence, provided we know how to use it properly, never see it as an obligation and knowing.

  • Choose the right music for each moment.
  • It improves the capacity of memory, attention and concentration of children
  • Stimulates your intelligence by improving your ability to solve complex mathematical and reasoning problems
  • It is a way of expressing oneself and even with music the corporal expression of the child is more stimulated.
  • It makes them more sociable, since music provides the opportunity for children to interact with each other and with adults.
  • It develops creativity and stimulates children's imagination, since music stimulates the right brain area, thus improving the ability to perform any other artistic activity.
  • It provokes the evocation of memories and images with which the intellect is enriched
  • It stimulates the integral development of the child, acting in all areas of development
  • And finally, it helps to establish routines, laying the foundations of a future discipline by creating associations between music and certain activities..

Therefore, it should not be forgotten that music plays a very important role in the teaching and learning process of students, therefore, teachers, educational institutions, parents and health personnel must know the scope and benefits of music in children as an important part of education.

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