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Summer Camp 2017, Skerries

Miriam one of the babysitter in my team had been working in a Summer Camp in Skerries and here she is sharing her wonderful experience!
I think everyone had so much fun!
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This summer is been a fantastic summer for the kids who are taking part on the water sports camp. Kids from 5 to 7 years old are enjoying with us activities all ranges such as: swimming, sandcastle competition, nature walks, outdoor games, collecting shells, paddling and arts & crafts for the rainy days!

We welcome our kids with a circle time and we play warm up games. Then we go for nature walks, some workouts in the playground and outdoor games keep us busy and entretain. Lots of energy is already gone so we need to stop and have a break. It’s our break time where we share and eat healthy food ( sweets are allowed as kids are on holidays) Then it’s time to get changed into our wetsuits and jump in the sea water! Lots of fun and laughs ahead the next weeks incoming

Miriam Martin

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