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dublin childcare

Yoga for children

A few week ago Maria and myself decided to join for a Children´s yoga workshop called ” Mini me Yoga” We really liked it, Yoga is an amazing practise to help the children to develop their flexibility , concentration, imagination and breath correctly. Introducing simple asanas for children in a daily basis has a significant […]

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Summer Camp 2017, Skerries

Miriam one of the babysitter in my team had been working in a Summer Camp in Skerries and here she is sharing her wonderful experience! I think everyone had so much fun! This summer is been a fantastic summer for the kids who are taking part on the water sports camp. Kids from 5 to […]

Barnardos Big Toddle 2017

I am deligthed to share with you our experience with Big Toddle for Barnardos. This summer my childcare group was part of the fun! We sponsored by Toddlebox, Elisa Babysitting supported the event and we hope to inspire others to help the children. Barnardos contacted with me and sent me a packs with materials for […]

Balloons game for relaxation

What´s the game about? The game consists of teaching children a simple relaxation technique that if applied when they are nervous or tense will help them to control themselves and keep calm. It is a useful strategy for anyone, but it is especially effective in children who have difficulty controlling their impulses and in those […]

Why art is important in children?

The arts give us the opportunity to learn to study details and handle corrections. Depending on the child’s age. Perhaps you can highlight the impact of making straight lines, painting inside a line, drawing figures or painting without leaving the area. Plan the observations and what you want to achieve. Try to structure your comments […]

Childminder Dublin 15

Hi there! My name is Elisa, I am a professional childcare worker, fully qualified in: Childcare Management Special Needs Child Psychology Montessori Mayor Award. First Aid update from January 2017 Garda vetted I have been working with children over the past 10 years. In January 2016 I opened my own childminding services at home where I […]

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Childcare services in Weddings

Last weekend Miriam babysit in a wedding celebrated at Fitzwilliam Place. Such a lovely place and she had so much fun playing with 3 little girls, everyone was really nice al welcome Miriam so well. Mirian brought princess tiaras and stickers books to play after de dinner, Mirian and they girls read some books and […]

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Parachute games for children

One of children´s favorite games is the Parachute. We have played so many parachute activities, they keep my group of children so busy and entertained. Parachute games can help kids with social skills, coordination, and fine motor skills. It is great for a single child or a large group of kids. These are a few […]

Sensorial activities for children

The sensorial activities allows the children to form new concepts through experience and exercise. Sensorial training should be carefully monitored so the children learn things one step at a time and at their own pace, gradually moving on to more complicated tasks. Where possible each sense is isolated to provide an intense learning experience. The […]

Childcare event in Rosemont College, Dublin

Hola! I bring to you the experience of our latest event babysitting services in Dublin This time we worked in Rosemount School in Sandyford, Dublin. We had a busy Sunday babysitting in an Event looking after 25 children mixed ages from babies up to 12 years old. Marta got in touch with us and she […]