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Arfield Farm babysitting trip

It was lovely sunny day in Dublin and I was looking after David, a 18 months old boy. One of my babysitter, Rita, was minding two other kids, Eoin and Maebdh, 2 and 3 years old respectively. They live very close to each other so we made a plan and decided we’d all go together […]

Powerscourt Hotel Childcare Services.

In July 2015, my team did an amazing job working at the Powercourt Hotel in Enniskerry, over the course of 3 days working with a group of over 40 children. It was a pleasure to work in such a high quality hotel. We cooperated with Event Partners Ireland for an event by TIE annual retreat to […]

Tayto Park ( Dublin) Babysitting

Such a fun day! I had been babysitting a lovely 8 years old girl called Belle, she is a very clever and bilingual girl, so her parents want me to practice Spanish with her. As the summer holiday is coming to an end she made a special wish to go on a day trip and […]

Tinakilly Country House, Sleep over babysitting

I was minding baby Barra while his parents got married last June. He was 4 months old baby and he was so good all day and all night. I collected Barra from his auntie’s house around 11am and we went to the Tinakilly Country House, in Wicklow, after the wedding ceremony around 4pm. His parents set up […]

The Morrison Hotel (Dublin) Babysitting

Last February 2015 I had been babysitting two lovely kids in The Morrison Hotel, in Dublin city centre, meanwhile their parents get married. It was a fun and really easy going day. The little girl, 3 and half years old had great fun playing with Elsa and Ana princess from Frozen movie and the little 18 […]

Heuristic play

Hi there! Today I had been thinking in new idea of play for kids.Heuristic play is one way that young children can explore the properties of every day objects in safe manners. Through Heuristic play, a child has the opportunity to determine their own actions and make choices. Through children are satisfying their natural need […]

Activities to do at home!

Today is snowing in Dublin, such a silly weather!! So you might have to stay at home…but that’s no mean you have to be boring!!! I have some ideas to share with you to make your day more enjoyable! The children can learn and have a great time until the rain is goes away!!! 1-Let´s […]

Fun St.Patrick´s Day Crafts for kids

Only a few more weeks for St.Patrick´s Day so I was thinking that would be a good idea keep your children busy with easy and fun activities. You only need cheap and easy-get materials such a colors cards, glue, leprechaun pictures! This 3 example will such for all children´s age! Example 1 : Shamrock, heart template. […]


Premature Babies Family Day!

Hi Everyone! Last month, September 2014 myself and team, Rita, Aneta and Eszter had been invited to help Allison, from Premature Babies Ireland (http://www.irishprematurebabies.com) to join her and her organization for the annual Family Day at Dublin Zoo. We had such a great day playing with the children, listening and sharing families experiences about have […]