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dublin childcare

Yoga for children

A few week ago Maria and myself decided to join for a Children´s yoga workshop called ” Mini me Yoga”

We really liked it, Yoga is an amazing practise to help the children to develop their flexibility , concentration, imagination and breath correctly.

Introducing simple asanas for children in a daily basis has a significant impact on their general well-being; reducing stress, increasing their capacity to learn, be gentle to one another, respect nature and grow strong mentally and physically.

In mini-me yoga workshop I learned how to introduce a yoga routine for kids whether in my home, in a classroom or in a play day. Always with a positive thinking.

For 2 hours workshop a group of childcare providers we learnt few tips about :

1- Welcome the children into a yoga  ( 2 min )

  • Sit in cross-legged on the floor
  • Sent out positive energy

2- Calming the body and mind ( 3 min )

  • Trampoline belly
  • Dragon breath

3- Warm – up

  • Shake out all negative energy ( 4 min )

4- Magick yoga cards game 4min

  • Magick cards

5- Positive words to water ( 3min )

  • Charge up your water or for with positive energy

6- Meditation ( 2min )

  • Mandalas

7- Close the circle

  • Seeing speaking and feeling positive energy
  • Thank you

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