Language in early years

A child’s emerging reading and writing skills before they are able to read or write independently for example, scribbling/drawing, identifying, naming and sounding letters.

Nature inspire children

I am studying Montessori method at the moment and I believe that we should use nature to inspire children, Maria Montessori continually suggested that teachers take the children out into nature, rather than keeping them confined in the classroom.

Convention Centre Dublin Childcare Services

Hi there! I was so happy last week when Megan from Linux Foundation contacted me to organize a childcare services at the Convention Center in Dublin.

Ireland Refugees Council Childcare Services

It was wonderful to work with Ireland Refugees Council Organization in Dublin, based in Dame Street.

Koh Tao ( Thailand ) childcare experience

Last March I had the opportunity to travel to Koh Tao in Thailand on holiday, while there I ended up teaching English to my neighbor’s children. I really enjoyed meeting the children and to help them in my own way.

Wedding babysitting/Childcare on Tankardstown House, Meath

On the 14th August we set up a playroom in Tankardstown House to look after a group of 7 kids ranging from 3 months to 7 years old at a wedding event.