In July 2015, my team did an amazing job working at the Powercourt Hotel in Enniskerry, over the course of 3 days working with a group of over 40 children.

Not so long ago, my team and I organised an unique and amazing hotel childcare event day at the Powercourt Hotel in Enniskerry. Over the course of 3 days we minded a group of over 40 children.

It was a pleasure to work in such a high quality and beautiful hotel. We cooperated with Event Partners Ireland for an event by TIE annual retreat to supervise the kids at the hotel during the parents attended meetings.

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We set up a lot of fun games for the children, aged from 2 up to 14 years old, we worked together in some activities with the Silly Billy team to do a magic show, face painting and disco while the babysitters Sabina, Belen, Rita and myself played with the kids, helped them with dinner and organize a circle time for sharing stories.

We had a great time with a very multicultural group from all over the world,  from the Middle East, United States to India. All children were super friendly and full of energy to last playing games almost until midnight.

We really enjoyed our time over there and we had a great experience working with the hotel. We are looking forward to return to work with Powerscourt Hotel, next one will be even better as we improving our services.

I would like to say thanks to Gillian for helping with all the details, to all my fabulous team for their amazing job during those days and to all the staff at the Powercourt Hotel for being so friendly and  helpful with us. 🙂

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